Barreira Roxa: YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE IN Rio grande do Norte


School-Hotel Senac Barreira Roxa combines the physical structure of the great hotel facilities in Brazil with the reserved and minimalistic concept of the smaller and cozy hotels.

Bringing out the typical and regional finesse. Providing elegance and sophistication to live our distinct and exclusive service and unforgettable experience.

Named Barreira Roxa due to its proximity with a purple rocky cliff formation, the hotel is on Via Costeira, an express road between Parque das Dunas, the second biggest urban park in Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean.


The building was officially opened by the State on November 3rd.


In April 2004, it started being operated by Senac-RN.


After an extreme make-over, the hotel was reopened in 2018 with a new concept and modern structure.


The new Professional Education Center Barreira Roxa has a modern facility, qualified instructors and a renewed portfolio of courses in the area of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure.

Distinctive facility with pedagogical kitchens, baking laboratory, kitchen and bar laboratory for training of the Competitions of Professional Education, classrooms, food and drink laboratory (A&B) and computer laboratory.

For solid professional qualification,work practice is essential.

Barreira Roxa students experience the practice activities at the School-Hotel with real clients and challenges, under supervision of the team, allowing then wide educational assessment. We prepare professionals for one of the strongest sectors in Rio Grande do Norte, tourism.

Complete structure for the best experience

Barreira Roxa has the facilities and special services for you and your family to enjoy the best: reception, 24hr room service, private parking and much more.


  • Reception
  • 24hr room service
  • Private parking
  • Kids area
  • Baby-support kitchen
  • Gym


Barreira Roxa existis to make a difference


To enable the society to live hospitality through unique, affective and responsible experiences.


Being national reference in sustainable development in hotel and gastronomy practice, delivering excellence in service, respect toward the environment and appreciation of the local culture.

  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Sustainable development
  • Education for autonomy
  • Excellence
  • Social inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

School-Hotel Barreira Roxa has access for people with special needs in the apartments, social areas and restrooms, in addition to a team trained for sign language and braille signs in the hotel.

Decree nº 9.296/2018
Law nº 13.146/2015
ISO 21542:2011
  • Smoking is not allowed in the hotel facilities.


The School-Hotel also contributes with the preservation of our planet with initiatives such as:

  • Use of the rain water for irrigation;
  • Recyclable trash collection;
  • Rooms equipped with energy saving system;
  • LED lighting;
  • Awareness campaign for change of towels and bedsheets for reduction of water and energy consumption and emission of polluting components.
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